Grey Goose Lounge Grey Goose Lounge

One80 Grey Goose Lounge is a bar, night club, and lounge located in 400 W Church Street, Orlando, Florida. As a tribute to style and class and with attention to every detail, the place caters well to the needs of their guests. The lounge offers grand hors d'oeuvres, exclusive VIP seats, excellent bottle service, as well as unequaled views of the City Beautiful.

Grey Goose Vodka - The Lounge's Main Offering

The Grey Goose Vodka is One80 Grey Goose Lounge's main offering to their guests. The vodka is a truly unique treat, blended and bottled in the celebrated Cognac region of Western France. Each element that goes into its production guarantees that the vodka lives up to its name as the "World's Best Tasting Vodka."

The 80 proof super-premium spirit is stored in a beautiful frosted glass bottle. The package sports a clear window that is shaped like a grey goose silhouette flying across the majestic view of the Massif Central Mountains. Every bottle is being sealed with a cork stopper bound in an exquisite foil closure.

Church Street Entertainment - Specializing In Downtown Orlando's Entertainment

Since the early 90's, Church Street Entertainment (or CSE) has been recognized by the people as the leader in downtown Orlando's entertainment and night life. Providing locals and visitors alike with quality entertainment, Church Street Entertainment currently owns and operates five unique establishments in the downtown area, and now One80 Grey Goose Lounge. With the success of its venues, CSE has already set the standard for business ownership in the area via their involvement with charities, the local government, as well as various community organizations.